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The population of Qatar is about 742,000 and has been increasing at a rate of six percent a year since 1997.

There are representatives from a large number of ethnic backgrounds present in Qatar allowing for a broad exposure to interesting customs and cultures from around the world. This can be especially valuable for children who mix with a variety of ethnicities in schools.

The work week in Qatar for government offices and most businesses is from Saturday through Wednesday with Thursday and Friday off. However, many businesses have working days from Sunday through Thursday with Friday and Saturday off. Friday is the day of communal prayer for Muslims and is the primary rest day in the country.

The official time in Qatar is GMT+ 3 hours and government offices and large corporations generally operate between the hours of 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. local time. Numerous local vendors and shops operate on a 'split-shift' system with many working from 7:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m., resuming work from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Arabic is the official language of Qatar and Islam is the official religion with both contributing greatly to the Nation’s cultural identity. The Arab heritage and the Islamic religion are present in the local modes of dress, culinary styles, architecture and art.

English is widely used in everyday life and a majority of businesses are capable of completing transactions and services using English.


Islam is the official religion of Qatar. The Holy Quran is the Muslim Holy Book and the following, known as the Five Pillars of Islam, are fundamental articles of worship:

The profession of faith
This is the belief that there is no God but ALLAH and Mohammed is the last Messenger of ALLAH.

Muslims must pray five times a day before dawn, at midday, in the latter part of the afternoon, at sunset and in the evening. Worshipers face towards the holy city of Mecca while completing their prayers.

The giving of alms (zakat) to the needy
Muslims must give 2.5% of their possessions (cash, gold, etc. kept for one year) in charity to the poor annually.

Fasting: Ramadhan
The month of Ramadhan for Muslims is one month of total abstinence from food, drink and smoking
as well as continence in all other respects from dawn until sunset. It also calls for more prayers and meditation coupled with increased tolerance towards one’s fellow men. The month of Ramadhan is a spiritual exercise in endurance and self-discipline, imposing a considerable physical strain on those who fast, especially in hotter weather.

After a month of prayers, fasting and meditation, Ramadhan culminates in the joyous celebration of Eid Al-Fitr (Breaking of the Fast). Muslims observe a three-day holiday marked by family reunions, social visits and exchange of courtesies and gifts. People meet together and greet one another with the traditional phrase: Eid Mubarak (May your feast be blessed!).

The Pilgrimage to Mecca
Muslims who are of responsible age, in fairly good health, and financially capable must make the pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca once in their lifetime.

Non-Muslims should demonstrate the necessary courtesy by refraining from smoking, eating, or drinking in public and in the presence of those who are fasting. Similarly, it is good etiquette to exercise as much tact and forbearance as possible towards the local population in general and one’s colleagues in particular. A high standard of propriety and conduct must be maintained in public at all times and offence can be caused by women and men who are inadequately dressed. During Ramadhan in particular, the appearance of women in public places in sleeveless dresses, miniskirts, split-skirts, shorts, and tight jeans should be avoided and men should also be properly dressed. Social activities and entertainment should be conducted with discretion.

***aku dpt offer kerja kat sana tapi not decide yet...jauh tuuuu
tinggal ayam,itik,lembu & paling ku sayang kucing....waaaaaaaa
***ader sesaper tau tak exchange rate Qatari Riyal dgn RM.

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fazamania - 5:39 AM

aku doakan ko happy kat rantau orang ... Tapi so sedihlah kalau ko comfirm pi sana ..huhu!!! aku janji akan bagi kad raya kat ko ...but try to online everyday ... kucing tu ko bagi je kat aku ... biar aku jaga !!! . ... sedihnya... and lastly , TAHNIAH ...

## carikan aku awek arab yang seksi,cun dan pandai makan budu..hahhaha!!!!

Noushy Syah - 8:33 PM

Black..opportunity comes only once in a life time, so don't miss it! After all it's great to work in another Muslim country. trust me, during Ramadhan you gonna work for only 6hrs/day!! That was b4 when my parents were there ...and moneywise, is excellent!!To travel to other Middle astern countries are nearby and easy too..Bahrain, Dubai, are excellent for holidaying, if you're already there why not take the chance rite?

Good luck to you black...and nasib baik minah arab pun bole tackle..tehhehehhe...

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