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Getting an interview means that you are being short-listed and the company is interested in you. This is the opportunity for you to prove that you are the right and the best person for the job. You should prepare yourself before the interview to be more confident. Below are some tips to help you before, during and after the interview.

BEFORE The Interview
1. Find out as much as you can about the company
·Nature of the business
·Product and services

2. Find out what are the frequently asked questions and be prepared to answer difficult questions.
·Why did you apply for the job?
·Why did you think you would be the best choice for the job?
·What interest you about this company?
·What are your strengths and weaknesses?
·Tell me about yourself
·Which of your skills and experience are relevant to the job?
·What is your reason for leaving your last company?

3. Prepare the questions to ask the interviewer.
·Who will you report to?
·Who will you be working with?
·What are the working hours?
·Is there any training provided?
·When will you be given a decision?
4. Find out which of your skills are relevant to the job?

5. What are the interview date, time, location and office contact numbers?.
·Allow enough time for the journey and time to look for the office premise. Be 10 minutes early for the interview.

6. Who is the interviewer?
·How many interviewers will conduct the interview
·Is this a panel interview?

7. What should you bring?
·Bring along the original and a copy of your up-to-date resume, relevant certificates, a passport size photo, references, a notepad and pen.

8. How should you dress?
·Dress appropriately and do not overdo it. Be smart, the first impression is important.

DURING the Interview
1. Greet your interviewer with his/her name. Smile and give him/her a firm handshake.

2. Establish eye contact with the interviewer.

3. Discuss the areas that you need to strengthen in your experience. Avoid trying to present a perfect image.

4. Listen carefully to your interviewer's questions.

5. Answer questions clearly and concisely with enthusiasm and professional vocabulary.

6. Be honest.

7. Try not to give one syllable answer.

8. Be positive and enthusiastic.

9. Be polite and be aware of your body language.

10. Do not reveal confidential information or criticize your current employer

11. Ask relevant questions to show your interest and you have researched the company.

12. Do not be afraid to admit if you can't answer the question.

13. Find opportunities to sell yourself by highlighting your strengths, accomplishments and skills related to the job.

14. Do not discuss salary, benefits or vacations.

15. Let the interviewer know if you are interested in the job.

16. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to interview for the job.

AFTER The Interview
1. Send a thank you letter to the interviewer.

2. Follow up by a call after 5 - 10 days to show your interest in the job. It will also remind the interviewer of you.


The Petronas E01

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You're looking at the product of the first Malaysian commercial engine project, the Petronas E01. This project started back in March 1997 with a collaboration between Petronas engineers and development partners. The engine applies knowledge gained from taking part in Formula 1. The result is a powerful engine, up to Honda K20A performance standards.

The engine was designed in two phases. The first phase involved training Petronas Engineers in areas of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering. Actual design and engineering of the engine was done in the second phase of the project, supervised by development partners.

The engine start-up ceremony was held on 20th February 1998, and four months later on 23rd June 1998, the engine was finally installed in 2 cars, a Proton Waja and a Proton Satria GTi.

The PETRONAS E01 can be installed about 15 degrees tilting forward or backward within the engine compartment of the vehicle. This allows the engine to be fitted into any model of cars. Versatile! The picture above shows the Petronas E01 installed in a Proton Waja.

Aesthetics-wise, the engine really looks great. The DOHC cover is in black and green, and look at those polished stainless steel extractors! Yum! The engine is not only pretty to look at. Let's have a look at it's technical specifications.

Technical Specifications
Valve mechanism: Continuous Control VVT (Variable Valve Timing)
Camshaft: Double OverHead Camshaft (DOHC)
Displacement: 2 litres
Induction: Natural Aspirated
Cylinders: 4, In-line
Valves per cylinder: 4
Block: Aluminum
Weight: 108.9kg
Max Horsepower: 204.3 PS @ 7300rpm
Max Torque: 203Nm @ 5300rpm
Power Output per litre: 100 PS/litre
Volumetric Efficiency: 107.8%
Emission Standards: EURO 2

Original design targets for the engine was 200ps max power, 200Nm torque and 120kg weight. So basically PETRONAS engineers managed to exceed their original design targets.

As a benchmark, the Honda K20A makes 220PS but at a higher 8000rpm. Maximum torque is equivalent to the E01 at 200Nm, but maximum torque is only achievable at 7000rpm while the PETRONAS E01 gets max torque at a relatively low 5300rpm.

***Harap industri automobil malaysia setanding dgn yg sedia ader skrg...xpyh nk buat contract dgn org lain.Malaysia Boleh! ker?tepuk dada tanya selera.


Boikot Hotel Renaissance.

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Seorang pengarah akaun sebuah hotel bertaraf lima bintang di ibu negara kecewa apabila terpaksa melepaskan jawatan yang dipegangnya sejak lebih 10 tahun lalu semata-mata kerana memakai tudung.

Habsah Jaafar, 46, mendakwa beliau terpaksa berbuat demikian setelah diberi kata dua oleh pengurusan hotel terbabit sama ada mematuhi peraturan yang melarang pemakaian tudung ketika bekerja atau melepaskan jawatannya.
Kata beliau, tindakan pengurusan hotel terbabit yang memberikan pelbagai `tekanan' seperti menghalangnya daripada datang ke tempat kerja jika memakai tudung turut memaksa beliau membuat keputusan berhenti kerja pada 17 Februari lalu.

``Mereka (pengurusan hotel) bimbang jika saya datang kerja dengan bertudung, ia akan mempengaruhi pekerja-pekerja lain untuk berbuat demikian,'' katanya

Menurut Habsah, isu itu mula timbul apabila beliau memohon untuk bercuti setelah mendapat tawaran mengerjakan haji pada bulan Disember lalu.

Bagaimanapun katanya, permohonan untuk bercuti bagi menunaikan haji walaupun tanpa gaji ditolak dan hanya diluluskan lima hari sebelum beliau bertolak ke Tanah Suci.

``Dalam pertemuan dengan pengurusan tertinggi hotel, saya juga diberikan `gambaran' supaya berhenti kerja jika ingin mengerjakan haji,'' katanya.

Habsah berkata, sekembalinya daripada mengerjakan haji, beliau yang sebelum itu mendakwa `terpaksa' membuka tudung ketika bertugas memutuskan untuk memakai tudung ketika masuk kerja pada 9 Februari lalu.

Ekoran keputusan itu katanya, beliau telah dipanggil pengurusan hotel terbabit dan diberikan kata dua sama ada membuka tudung ketika bertugas atau berhenti kerja.

``Sebagai orang Islam, bila mereka suruh saya buka tudung, saya rasa seolah-olah mereka suruh saya berbogel,'' katanya yang sudah lebih 20 tahun berkecimpung dalam bidang perhotelan.

Sementara itu, Hotel Renaissance menjelaskan, langkah Habsah Jaafar meletakkan jawatan sebagai pengarah akaun hotel tersebut bukan disebabkan beliau tidak dibenarkan memakai tudung.

Sebaliknya dalam kenyataan kepada Bernama, hotel tersebut menegaskan, peletakan jawatan Habsah itu ekoran hal antara beliau dengan hotel yang sulit dan tidak boleh didedahkan demi menghormati Habsah.

Oleh itu, menurut kenyataan berkenaan Habsah boleh memilih untuk kembali bekerja dengan memakai pakaian semasanya.

Dalam kenyataan dua muka surat bagi menjelaskan isu itu, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur berkata, sebagai sebuah hotel antarabangsa, ia mempunyai kakitangan dari segala peringkat masyarakat dan pihak pengurusan menghormati kepercayaan, agama dan tradisi setiap individu.


Menanti Sebuah Jawapan - Padi -

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Aku tak bisa luluhkan hatimu
Dan aku tak bisa menyentuh cintamu
Seiring jejak kakiku bergetar
Aku tlah terpaku oleh cintamu
Menelusup hariku dengan harapan
Namun kau masih terdiam membisu

Sepenuhnya aku...ingin memelukmu
Mendekap penuh harapan...tuk mencintaimu
Setulusnya aku...akan terus menunggu
Menanti sebuah jawaban tuk memilikimu

Betapa pilunya rindu menusuk jiwaku
Semoga kau tau isi hatiku...
Dan seiring waktu yang terus berputar
Aku masih terhanyut dalam mimpiku

Aku tak bisa luluhkan hatimu
Dan aku tak bisa menyentuh cintamu

Bos aku ni suka dgr radio 97.6, 2 3 menjak nie...
so aku pun sekali la dgr...lagu ni pulak selalu aku karaok sambil2 buat kerja...


My Favourite Hero "Wong Fei Hong"

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Starring: Jet Li, Nakamura Shido, Michelle Yeoh
Directed by: Ronny Yu

Based on the life of Martial Artsmaster Huo Yuanjia (1868-1910), this biopic is set during the late 1800's to early 1900's, a pivotal period in China's history, when the whole country is shrouded under increasing internal turmoil and the imminent threat of foreign invasion.

Huo Yuanjia begins the story as a cocky, young Martial Arts practitioner with only one thing in his mind, to become the best at his craft at all costs. His quest eventually leads to a tragedy when he mistakenly kills an opponent whose disciples consequently slaughter Huo's whole family for revenge. A distraught and heartbroken Huo flees to the countryside, determined to abandon everything he ever wanted and believed in.

He then spends considerable time in a remote mountain village anonymously, where he relearned all the things that matter in life while taking refuge with an old lady and her half blind granddaughter. He returns to the city to make amends with his turbulent past, and gets swept up in a violent, fight to the death Martial Arts tournament to defend China's honor against foreign aggressors.

aku mmg giler kat mamat ni...xcept citer The One...kureng ckit...
so weekend ni leh la layan...



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------------------------- --------- ----------- --------- ---------
GROCERY RACKING 28,514 2,309 10,640 41,463 25.7
GROCERY RACKING PICKFACE 925 6 354 1,285 27.5
GROCERY TOTAL 29,439 2,315 10,995 42,749 25.7

Press Enter to Exit

Korang nak tahu ni la report aku nak kena antar ari2 tau...


anak derhaka kat mak? mati? lalu?

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Cerita ini mengisahkan sorang penagih dadah yang tinggal dengan maknya... dia ada banyak adik beradik tapi semuanya dah berkeluarga dan tinggal berasingan.... tempat dan nama tak perlu lah saya ceritakan....

Nak dijadikan anak yang tak berguna ni selalu minta duit kat mak dia, ....dia bukan tak tau yang mak dia tak bekerja, cuma mengharap duit bulanan dari abang dan kakak2nya...tu pun tak seberapa...kalau tak dibagi, si anak ni akan pukul, teranjang dan macam2 lagi lah.... di kampung tu, memang orang dah kenal sangat dengan sikap dia, tapi apa boleh buat..kalau tegur dia mengamuk..lagipun orang dah kenal yang dia tu penagih dadah...sehinggalah suatu hari

si anak pulang dan kali ni mak nya mengelak untuk memberi wang kepadanya...apa lagi habis periuk belangga di baling ke arah maknya...dalam dirinya yang sedang ketagihan, dia sesah orang tua tu sampai tak sedar kan diri.....lepas tu sedap2 dia je belah dari rumah....sebenarnya mak dia bukan pengsan tapi dah meninggal dunia...isyyhh kejam betul.. kerana benda najis tu sanggup bunuh mak sendiri...

Tibalah pada hari pengebumian ...dia datang tapi sikit pun tak sedih..air mata tak mengalir walau sedikit...relax je sambil minum teh o bungkus...memang kuang ajar betul...kalau lah aku ada kat situ..memang..

selesai je maknya ditanam, tibalah time dia untuk menyiram air mawar...Korang jangan terkejut pulak, dia siram bukan dengan air mawar tapi dengan teh o yang diminumnya tadi...memang kuang ajar betul lah... tapi ditakdirkan...tanah kubur tadi bergegar kemudian merekah...mayat maknya bangun dengan mata yang merah ..kemudian maknya berkata

TEH ADA UMMHH...SEDAP GITU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHA jangan marah ye.. cite ni hanya rekaan semata2 ....maafkan aku tapi ada iktibar gak cite ni..jangan melawan cakap mak bapak kita....betul tak?


Hepatitis bertindak bagai api

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BARU-BARU ini Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan, Datuk Dr Mohd Ismail Merican menyarankan supaya penerima darah pada tahun 1995, menjalani ujian darah semula bagi mengesan virus hepatitis C yang boleh mengakibatkan kanser hati.

Realitinya peratus mendapat kanser berkenaan adalah kecil tetapi perlu diketahui bahawa hepatitis yang terdiri dari A, B, C, D dan E bertindak bagaikan api di dalam sekam, bertindak senyap namun boleh mengancam nyawa pengidap tanpa disedari.

Apakah Hepatitis? Ia sebenarnya adalah istilah umum merujuk kepada inflamasi hati yang disebabkan oleh pengambilan alkohol secara berlebihan, bahan kimia bertoksik, pemakanan tidak sihat, sesetengah jenis dadah, penyakit autoimun, penyakit sistem biliari dan jangkitan virus.

Hepatitis C adalah penyebab utama hepatitis yang disebarkan menerusi pemindahan darah namun disebabkan tiada tanda klinikal, kebanyakan orang tidak menyedari dijangkiti virus itu, bagaimanapun virus berkenaan mampu berganda dengan cepat dalam hanya beberapa bulan selepas itu.

Ia disebarkan melalui pemindahan darah atau produk darah yang lain seperti penerima transfusi darah, penerima organ yang menerima organ yang dijangkiti virus hepatitis C, pesakit haemodialisis dan penagih dadah yang menggunakan jarum suntikan yang dijangkiti.

Bagaimanapun transmisi melalui seksual dan daripada ibu mengandung kepada bayi kurang berbanding hepatitis B. Walaupun badan berupaya menghasilkan antibodi, namun virus ini tidak dapat disingkirkan sepenuhnya dan menjadi penghuni jangka panjang di dalam tubuh badan.

Dr Mohd Ismail berkata, pengidap hepatitis C di negara ini, dikesan semakin meningkat di seluruh dunia yang mana dijangka menjangkiti lebih 170 juta orang membabitkan tiga hingga empat juta kes baru setiap tahun!

“Di Malaysia, kes hepatitis C dilaporkan pada 2004 mencatatkan jumlah 745 kes berbanding 33 kes pada 1996. Apa yang membimbangkan ialah hingga kini tiada vaksin menangani hepatitis C,” katanya ketika menyempurnakan seminar kesihatan anjuran Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia, di ibu kota baru-baru ini. Majlis itu turut dihadiri Dekan KUIM, Prof Dr Nik Mohd Nasri Ismail.

Tujuh puluh lima hingga 85 peratus penghidap hepatitis dikenal pasti boleh mendapat jangkitan yang kronik manakala 70 peratus daripada mereka akan mengalami penyakit hati yang kronik.

Sebanyak 10 hingga 20 peratus penghidap hepatitis kronik pula boleh mendapat sirosis atau bengkak hati. Sirosis lazimnya berlaku dalam tempoh 20 tahun atau lebih. Kebanyakan pembawa penyakit ini akan membawanya hingga ke akhir hayat kerana hingga kini tidak ada vaksin untuk menyembuhkan hepatitis C.

Sementara itu hepatitis B pula adalah yang paling biasa berbanding A dan C. Ia berpunca dari jangkitan virus hepatitis B. Kadangkala ia boleh membawa kepada kerosakan hati kekal dan mempunyai kadar kematian tertinggi.

Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) menganggarkan, sekitar 300 juta penduduk dunia mengidap penyakit itu dan di Malaysia terdapat 1.3 juta rakyatnya yang dikesan mengidap hepatitis B.

Sebahagian besar pesakit yang dijangkiti viral hepatitis B tidak mengalami sebarang tanda dan ia pula boleh dijangkiti dengan pelbagai cara, antaranya sentuhan darah ke darah seperti tercucuk jarum, suntikan mahupun berkongsi jarum, hubungan seks, berkongsi berus gigi, sikat, percikan darah ke muda dan diwarisi daripada ibu ke anak.

Bagi hepatitis A pula ia juga adalah penyakit berjangkit yang disebabkan oleh virus dan boleh menjangkiti sesiapa saja tanpa mengira umur, usia dan jantina. Ia amat mudah berlaku di kawasan kotor di mana penduduknya tidak mengamalkan kebersihan diri, makanan, tempat tinggal dan persekitaran.


Personality Lelaki

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Tidak mudah mengenali lelaki.. Kadang-kadang diri lelaki itu sendiri tidak memahaminya.. Cuba kita singkap personaliti mereka melalui Zodiak mereka.

Leo (24 Julai - 23 Ogos)

Dia seorang yang agak tinggi, kurus, gerakannya pantas tetapi lembut. Bentuk matanya besar dan menarik dan kemungkinan mempunyai rambut yang ikal. Bibirnya mungkin nipis. Mempunyai sikap suka menolong orang lain. Dia berkeyakinan pada diri sendiri dan ini membolehkannya menjadi pemimpin. Dia juga suka menjadi popular dan dipuji. Cinta merupakan sesuatu yang penting di dalam hidupnya. Rupanya yang tampan dan yakin menyebabkan pasangannya merasa bertuah. Namun sikap yang paling tidak digemari oleh isteri atau kekasihnya, ialah sikap cemburunya. Lelaki ini juga apabila berkahwin sering menganggap rumahnya sebagai tempat berehat dan sering menganggap isterinya memberikan keselesaan padanya setelah penat bekerja.

Virgo (24 Ogos - 23 September)

Dia adalah lelaki yang agak kurus, tingginya serderhana, bahunya agak lebar, bulu keningnya panjang dan cantik, dan dahinya luas, matanya nampak sedih tetapi lembut, dan ini menarik perhatian wanita. Dia adalah lelaki yang mementingkan kebijaksanaan. Dia mahukan kesempurnaan, sentiasa mahu mengawal, dan jarang sekali terbawa oleh cinta. Dia mengkritik dan mengadu. Dia juga agak mementingkan hal-hal yang halus terperinci. Di dalam soal kahwin, dia akan mengahwini wanita yang ada wang dan yang boleh membantunya. Dia seorang yang mengambil berat mengenai kesihatan dan kecergasan. Namun seringkali dia menyalahkan orang lain, sukar untuk mengakui kesilapan diri sendiri.

Libra (24 September - 23 Oktober)

Dia seorang yang seksi, tubuhnya agak menarik, pakaiannya agak kemas dan sukakan kebersihan. Mungkin mempunyai bentuk badan sedikit kewanitaan seperti bulu roma yang sedikit, atau bahu yang kecil. Dia tidak gemar tangannya kotor, dia suka pekerjaan yang mempertingkatkan paras rupa orang lain seperti mendandan rambut, pereka fesyen atau menjual barangan kecantikan. Sikapnya terbuka, menyenangkan, suka bergaul dan ramai kawan. Sopan dan simpati. Antara kelemahannya ialah dia sukar memutuskan sesuatu yang tidak disukainya, ini mungkin mengakibatkan dia berkahwin dengan pasangan yang tidak sesuai. Walaupun dia lelaki popular di kalangan wanita, emosinya terkawal dan dia kelihatan seperti pasangan yang kurang mengasihi. Pada mulanya wanita tertarik padanya kerana dia bertimbang rasa dan berhati-hati, kemudian setelah beberapa lama, sikap itu tenggelam. Dia biasanya adalah orang yang cermat dalam berbelanja tetapi agak boros pula dari segi membeli baju, wangian, atau perabot. Dia membelanjakan banyak wang untuk menarik perhatian orang yang dicintainya atau sesiapa yang dianggap penting.

Scorpio (24 Oktober - 22 November)

Tubuh biasanya kecil, tingginya jarang melebihi ketinggian sederhana. Renungannya yang tajam seolah-olah dapat membaca isi hati orang lain. Sama ada hatinya gembira atau sebaliknya dapat dilihat dari cara dia jalan. Dia akan berjalan dengan tenang bila hatinya suka dan tidak menentu bila dia kegelisahan. Dia seorang yang mudah tersinggung perasaannya, tetapi dapat menyembunyikan keadaan itu dengan rupa zahiriah yang agak cekal. Dia akan berusaha bertahun-tahun untuk mencapai cita-citanya atau untuk membalas dendam. Suka jika dapat menunjukkan kuasa, dan nampak lebih dominan dalam perhubungan.

Sagitarius (23 November - 22 Disember)

Dia seorang yang suka bergaul, suka kehidupan yang baik tetapi gemar berfoya-foya. Dia adalah insan yang paling romantik. Dia menarik, mudah bergaul dengan seorang yang suka kepada hiburan dan berjalan ke tempat-tempat yang menawan. Dari segi berpakaian, dia suka memakai pakaian yang kasual dan longgar. Dia lelaki yang agak boros, dan jika tidak berhati-hati, mungkin terlibat dalam perjudian. Lelaki ini suka jika dapat berteman dengan wanita dan mudah pula jatuh hati. Tapi dia tidak suka terikat dalam masa yang panjang.

Capricorn (23 Disember -20 Januari)

Lelaki ini lebih berhati hati dalam hidup, dan selalu melakukan sesuatu berdasarkan keadaan. Dia tidak suka menukar rancangan yang telah dibuatnya. Dia agak pendiam dan suka bekerja sendiri. Dia adalah jenis pendendam dan akan ingat pada kejahatan yang dilakukan terhadap dirinya hingga bertahun-tahun. Mungkin dialah paling tidak menarik kerana dia mendekati wanita menggunakan cara intelek. Dia mungkin kurang selesa dengan wanita yang beremosi tinggi tetapi sanggup berkahwin dengannya jika dia boleh membantu mencapai kejayaan dalam kerjaya. Lelaki ini sukar jatuh cinta, tetapi jika sudah jatuh cinta, dia akan amat mencintai wanita itu. Apabila berkahwin ia agak lokek dari segi kewangan. Dalam pergaulan, dia lebih suka kepada yang lebih tua dan konservetif.

Aquarius (21 Januari - 19 Februari)

Dia adalah lelaki yang pandai bercakap dan suka kepada cakap-cakap intelek. Dia agak kurang romantik. Dia sukar jatuh cinta kerana dia tidak mahu kecewa. Dia suka persahabatan yang sekejap berbanding hubungan yang panjang. Lelaki ini suka ketawa dan mempunyai perkara- perkara yang menarik untuk dilakukan, tetapi dia boleh jadi pendiam pada suatu masa dan agak mengecewakan kekasihnya. Dia mungkin lambat berkahwin kerana tidak suka terikat. Sebagai lelaki, dia disukai oleh teman wanitanya kerana dia agak berbeza dan menarik, tetapi mengecewakan dari segi membuat komitmen.

Pisces (20 Februari - 20 Mac)

Dari segi berpakaian, mungkin dia kelihatan kurang kemas. Walaupun dari segi zahiriah dia agak kurang menarik, dia mempunyai personaliti yang bagus boleh berjenaka dan baik hati. Dia adalah lelaki yang pandai mengagak dan bersimpati tinggi, tetapi, hatinya selalu bimbang. Dia tidak suka berkelahi dan sedaya-upaya mengelakkannya. Hidupnya suka menggembirakan hati orang lain, dia agak romantik dan mementingkan perasaan pasangan. Tetapi dia agak pemalu dan kurang keyakinan, menyebabkan dia lambat dalam hal menambat wanita. Dia agak sukar dari segi membuat keputusan, dan agak bertangguh untuk kahwin. Oleh kerana kelemahan ini, dia mudah dipengaruhi atau ditinggalkan. Dari segi bercinta, dia adalah seorang yang hangat, mengambil berat dan mengasihi, serta menghiburkan.

Aries (21 Mac - 20 April)

Dia kuat bekerja, suka bergaul, bersemangat dan bercita-cita, menjadikan dia seorang pemimpin. Dia lebih suka mengarah, berani dan suka menjelajah .Dia lebih suka memulakan sesuatu tetapi kemudian menyuruh orang lain menyelesaikan kerja itu. Dia mementingkan lahiriah dan mudah bergaul tetapi agak kurang keyakinan. Dia mudah cemburu dan kurang yakin dalam hubungan dengan wanita, tambah lagi dia merupakan seorang yang panas baran. Padanya cinta adalah amat penting, kerana dia benci hidup keseorangan, dan kerana dia merasa bangga ada orang yang sanggup menyerahkan jiwa raganya kepadanya. Ketika mula bercinta dia baik hati, mudah jenaka dan bersukaria tetapi apabila telah lama berkenalan, dia selalu menyakitkan hati, curiga dan marah-marah.

Taurus (21 April - 20 Mei)

Dia seorang yang praktikal serta berseni, mungkin boleh mengukir atau melukis. Suaranya merdu bila menyanyi dan sukakan muzik, malah mungkin seorang ahli muzik. Lelaki ini mudah bergaul, suka berjenaka dan ketawa. Bagaimanapun dia kurang yakin pada diri sendiri dan menyebabkan dia menggunakan bakat seninya untuk menarik hati wanita. Dia juga adalah lelaki stabil, konservatif dan agak keras hati, yang mahu tahu ke manakah arah tujuan dirinya. Lelaki ini pentingkan sekuriti dari segi kewangan, begitu juga dari segi rumahtangganya dan dengan sebab ini dia jarang ambil risiko atau memperjudikan hidupnya. Lelaki ini menanti-nantikan perkahwinannya. Pada masa inilah dia akan berasa selamat. Perasaan itulah yang tidak ada pada dirinya sebelum itu, disebabkan itu dia akan memilih pasangan hidupnya dengan agak teliti agar rumahtangganya berpanjangan. Kebolehannya menghias rumah dan kesungguhannya menjadikan dia pasangan yang baik. Dia tidak begitu minat dengan idea orang lain.

Gemini (21 Mei - 21 Jun)

Senyumannya menarik menyebabkan orang ramai tertarik kepadanya. Dia seorang yang bijak berfikir, ingatannya bijak dan teratur menjadikan ia pasangan yang menarik. Dia mungkin bekerja sebagai jurujual di mana dia berpeluang memujuk dan mempengaruh orang lain. Dalam menjadi pasangan hidup dia suka wanita yang boleh berfikiran sendiri, yang tidak pendiam dan yang cerdik bukan cantik menjadi keutamaanya. Dia suka kepada luahan emosi kerana itu dianggap kebudak-budakan dan remeh kerana itu dia bermasalah untuk jatuh cinta kerana menganggap bahawa bila jatuh cinta, dia akan memberi banyak kuasa kepada kekasihnya. Pasangannya yang ideal adalah yang sanggup berkongsi akal, bukan hati.


outclassed at home... should've been more than 2-1

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Chelsea 1-2 Barcelona

Chelsea and Barcelona served up another night of high drama but Samuel Eto'o gave the Spanish champions the edge.

Unlucky John Terry (l) heads Barcelona on level terms

The sequel to last year's epic clash proved worth the wait with a controversial red card, two own-goals and a late winner from Eto'o.

It ended 2-1 to Barca, just as it did 12 months ago, but this time Frank Rijkaard's team will play the decisive second leg in the Nou Camp in a fortnight.

Eto'o's late winner was a cruel twist for 10-man Chelsea, who were unlucky to lose Asier Del Horno, sent off for a late challenge on Lionel Messi, in the first half.

Jose Mourinho's men refused to sit back, however, and stole the lead when Thiago Motta turned Frank Lampard's free-kick into his own net in the 58th minute.

But Barcelona responded with their best football of the night.

John Terry, hero of Chelsea's 5-4 aggregate win last year, glanced a header into his own net as he tried to clear a dangerous Ronaldinho free-kick.

Then Eto'o, anonymous for most of the game, rose at the back post to head the winner with 10 minutes left.

A quiet night in west London was never really on the cards despite both clubs doing their best to avoid hyping the game, aware of the animosity surrounding the last fixture.

But the game erupted in the 37th minute when Messi chased a long ball into the corner.

Robben had the edge on him and tried to shield the ball out of play for a goal-kick but Messi was too quick for him.

The Argentinian teenager skipped around the Dutchman, kept the ball in and left Robben floundering in a heap.

Del Horno came hurtling towards Messi but once again the young striker was too fast.

He poked the ball past the Chelsea defender and then took evasive action to avoid the full force of his challenge.

Television replays showed it was a badly mistimed tackle but did not appear to be malicious.

It was probably a booking at most, but Messi rolled around in the mud and the Barca players reacted as if he had been murdered.

They sprinted to surround referee Terje Hauge, who waited until Del Horno stopped pretending he was also injured before granting the Barca wishes and brandishing his red card.

Chelsea were furious, Messi was fit to carry on and a smouldering Mourinho repaired his back four by replacing Joe Cole with Geremi.

Tempers had slowly risen from the kick-off as both teams struggled to find any rhythm on the Stamford Bridge ``potato field''.

Barcelona showed no signs of their famous flowing football and, as Mourinho predicted, the pitch did the Blues no favours either.

Chelsea tried to pass the ball, with Hernan Crespo up front instead of the more mobile Didier Drogba, but mistakes littered the midfield as the ball refused to zip across the surface.

Even Ronaldinho's touch deserted him at times.

The fuse for Del Horno's red card was lit when Chelsea's Spanish full-back clashed with Messi.

On this occasion, Del Horno won the ball but followed through to rake his studs into Messi's knee.

Referee Hauge waved play on but the Barca starlet was hurt and his team-mates let their feelings be known.

Barcelona had the best of the first-half chances with Messi testing Cech in the third minute but Chelsea's big goalkeeper looked in good touch.

He made a brilliant reflex save to deny Ronaldinho on the half-hour after Olegeur's right-wing cross.

Chelsea did get a lucky break in first-half stoppage time when defender Rafael Marquez unleashed a fierce shot which smacked Geremi on the arm as he leapt to block. This time Barca's appeals fell on deaf ears.

Mourinho sent Drogba on for Crespo at half-time and his players came out fired up.

Robben wriggled into a shooting position and fired a low shot just wide and Paulo Ferreira, switched to left-back, saw a 30-yarder saved by Victor Valdes.

Eidur Gudjohnsen angered Barcelona players when he refused to kick the ball into touch with Thiago Motta on the floor injured.

The mood of the visitors worsened when Motta then turned Lampard's swerving free-kick past his own keeper in the 58th minute.

But the Spaniards were level within 13 minutes with a similar goal.

Ronaldinho curled a free-kick into the area with pace and Terry glanced it into his own net with his head.

Chelsea were under pressure. Messi cracked the bar, Terry scrambled one off the line and Ricardo Carvalho made a saving tackle on Messi.

Drogba missed a good chance before Eto'o rose to head home a Marquez cross to give Barcelona a vital advantage.



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The defeat of Man United this weekend was Liverpool's 20th game at home - in all competitions - this season. Of those 20 games, 17 have resulted in clean sheets for the home side. A hugely impressive statistic.

In fact, only 6 goals have been conceeded during those 20 matches - four of them being by Chelsea. And one was Xabi Alonso's own goal against Birmingham a few weeks ago. For the record, the other was Valentin Iliev for CSKA Sofia back in August!

Rafa Benitez has built his impressive side upon a solid back four and it is starting to show, of course the record breaking run of consecutive clean sheets is also evidence of that.

Benitez though isn't a man to settle for that, and despite Liverpool's seemingly problematic area being in attack, the Spaniard's last two signings have been centre backs - in the form of Daniel Agger and Gabriel Paletta.

Fair enough both are seen as ones for the future but it further goes to show how Benitez is building something special at Anfield and won't settle for short term success. Last week he described Paletta as a potential new Jamie Carragher - he best start learning Scouse and fast then!

Before Benitez arrived we had yet to see the best of Steve Finnan in a Liverpool shirt. I would now say we have, and Ive been mightily impressed. Not only has he proved he is more than capable defensively, attacking wise he has linked up superbly well with Gerrard down the right in recent weeks. His crossing is what any Premiership winger would be proud of - and with either foot too. Saturday saw him cross for Crouch's header and before that it was Pongolle's head on the end of a cross at Luton. There's been more too, off the top of my head, Morientes last season, Heskey year before that at Fulham.

Another player who many may have predicted wouldn't be playing such a huge part in Rafa's back four is Sami Hyypia. A man who has played in all but one of Liverpool's 48 games (Birmingham home) so far (including pre-season). A tower of strengh alongside Carra at the heart of the defence and looking fitter than ever.

The left back spot is still a little undecided with Rafa often opting to play Warnock or Traore in big away games but Riise's performance on Saturday, for me, showed he can do the job there in the big games and I hope Rafa chooses to leave JAR there rather than throw him in to midfield. That's not to say I don't think Warnock is good enough - he just isn't ready yet in my opinion.

Another reason for the impressive defence has to be the strength of those in front of them - starting with the midfield and the way thay now track runners from the middle and get from box to box. Even Harry Kewell does his fair share of defending now and looks a new man down the left.

But the signing of Sissoko has seen many attacks broken up in the middle and he is now starting to show he is learning not to get booked and maturing with each match. The influence of Didi Haman - another who was mighty impressive on Saturday - is no doubt providing experience for Momo.

And then there's the man behind the back four - Pepe Reina - who looks a quality acquisition. An imposing figure who is built like the metaphorical brick shit-house and has installed belief into the defence.

Mind you, I'd hate to be controversial and upset all the whinging barstewards and say that the introduction of zonal marking has been an influence on all impressive defensive records.

Rafa now seems to have a solid back five and an impressive selection to choose from in midfield - with youth, talent and experience in the shape of any four from Alonso, Hamann, Gerrard, Kewell, Sissoko, Garcia. With extra back-up from Bolo Zenden, the impending arrival of Gonzales and the no-doubt signing of a right winger in the summer.

That leaves just one area left to be Benitez-ed fully, of course in attack. I'm confident Rafa knows what is needed and he will produce the goods this summer. There's no need to speculate who will arrive and who will leave - even if most of us can take a bloody good guess at one departure!

What am I saying in all this? Well, watch out Chelsea because next year we really will mount a challenge, no matter what happens in the rest of this season.

Yes Rafa...we believe in u.


Terlalu Istimewa - Adibah Noor

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Terlalu Istimewa
Lagu : Azlan Abu Hassan
Lirik : Adibah Noor

Ku tatap gambar wajahmu
Sinar mata itu
Lirik senyumanmu
Pesona yang membelai
Wajahmu bercahaya
Memberi bahagia
Tiap yang memandang
Hati jadi salju
Kau terlalu istimewa
Kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
Tiada batasan terus membara
Terkilan rasa jiwa
Inginku lihatmu dewasa
Apa daya
Tuhan menyayangimu
Ku pasti kau berbahagia
Duduk di sampingNYA
Mendengar cerita
Segala rahsia
Tak tertanggung rindu
Mendengar suaramu
Tawa mengusik jiwa

BEsT Lagu nie...trylah dengar...


Minggu Champions League

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Liverpool Manager Rafa Benitez has received a boost as he prepares his side for tomorrow's Champions League clash against Benfica with the news that Xabi Alonso is fit to play.
Speaking on the eve of the last 16 clash Benitez said, "Xavi is ok. He has travelled, he is well and he can be fit for tomorrow's game." And Rafa is also happy to be returning to Champions League action on the back of some fine domestic form. He said, "The team is playing very well at the moment and we've just enjoyed good wins against the top 5. "The Champions League is another competition and we know what we have to do. Our players have the experience of what it takes to win this competition and our idea tomorrow is the same, we want to score a goal and not concede if possible. "It will be difficult because they are a good team with an experienced Manager and we have a lot of respect for them. They have a number of good players and their two central defenders are good in the air and can play the ball. "Petit is a good player in midfield and of course there's Simao on the wing." Benitez was asked about comments made by rival Managers this week, but he refused to be distracted from his team. He said, "I like to see my team winning and not talk about other people, I have a clear idea about this. If people want to talk about us it must be because we're doing the right things and progressing."



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Ferguson heaps praise on Benitez

Ferguson is a big fan of Benitez
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed his admiration for Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez ahead of Saturday's FA Cup fifth round tie.
"I enjoyed his company in the last Uefa coaches' seminar, it was good," Ferguson told
"We sat beside each other on the coach going to the meeting and I think he's a straightforward guy. That's good to see and it does your players good.
"They can see the quality of the person - success has not changed him."
And Ferguson added: "We don't like to see people changing within our own confines.
"I don't like to see United players change and I'm sure that Rafael is the same. He doesn't want to see his players change.
"Managers like Rafael put the marker down about what they are and hopefully it transfers itself to the players."


Dedicate to all LIVERPOOL FAN CLUB...

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Peter Crouch's 19th minute header proved the only goal of the game as Liverpool knocked Man United out of the FA Cup for the first time in 85 years. It was a truely deserved win for the Merseysiders, who dominated the first half and held on for the win in the second half.
Crouch expertly crouched (excuse the pun) to head in a superb right wing cross from Steve Finnan after he played a short corner with Gerrard. That corner came about from a Van Der Saar save from a Harry Kewell header which was glancing into the bottom corner.
The home crowd were in full voice with a rousing rendition of You'll Never Walk Alone and an intimidating - if predictable - reception for Gary Neville. Kewell set the tone by sending Neville off the side of the pitch early on.
Riise and Kewell doubled up down the left well to give United all kinds of problems and in the middle Hamann and Sissoko were dominating with their strength and sensible passing. Gerrard was, as ever, playing chief creator and up front Morientes and Crouch won the high balls and troubled the United back four.
Luis Garcia replaced Morientes with 20 minutes remaining and later Kromkamp came on for Kewell as the Reds shut up shop.
A late injury to Alan Smith meant 7 minutes of added time but Liverpool held on for a magnificent win.
Smith, who isn't exactly the most liked person on Merseyside, was given a good reception as he was stretchered off with a broken leg which reminded Liverpool fans of the horrific break Djibril Cisse suffered 18 months ago. Ferguson said afterwards it was the worst injury he has seen and that Smith will be out for a "long time".
United now have the Worthington Cup final to look forward to next Sunday - their final chance of silverware this season. Whereas Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea all have big European ties midweek.

CROUNCH my man...


Today IS THE REDs Day...

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LONDON, Feb 17 (Reuters) - Liverpool have not beaten Manchester United in the FA Cup for 85 years but are confident the drought will end in the fifth round on Saturday at Anfield.

That barren run spans nine cup ties, including the 1996 final when Eric Cantona's late volley clinched the double for United, and the latest episode is sure to be as passionate an affair as any final.
'Games against United are always big ones for players to play in and I'm sure it's going to be a great game on Saturday,' said Liverpool's European Cup-winning keeper Jerzy Dudek.
'It hurt losing to them in the last minute at Old Trafford last month so hopefully we can make amends this time.'
Rio Ferdinand's 90th minute winner at Old Trafford in their 1-0 Premier League victory was the latest instalment in one of the great rivalries in domestic club football.
'We were playing away then but now are at home and that is going to give us an advantage,' Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said after the fifth round draw.
'It's a difficult game for us but if you are to win trophies you have to play and beat the best teams in the competition.'
Their last FA Cup meeting in January 1999 ended in dramatic fashion when goals by Dwight Yorke and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 88th and 90th minutes gave United a 2-1 win at Old Trafford.
United's Welsh winger Ryan Giggs, who played in the 1996 final and that 1999 fourth round tie, hopes to be fit as Alex Ferguson's team continue their bid for a record 12th FA Cup.
'It's a game I don't want to miss. United-Liverpool is one of the biggest games we play,' said Giggs. 'There's a lot at stake (with the rivalry) but a place in the next round is vital.
'We want to win every competition we are in (but) the FA Cup is special, especially to this club because we have won it so many times,' he told United's website.
The 32-year-old Giggs, who has played in 53 FA Cup matches, added: 'They have always been tight games with only a goal separating them. I think it will be the same on Saturday. A mistake or a bit of magic can win or lose you the game.'
Anfield will have prepared a warm welcome for United's Gary Neville, who ran the length of the pitch to celebrate Ferdinand's goal in front of the Liverpool fans by screaming, clutching his shirt and pointing to his club badge.
The England fullback was charged by the FA for improper conduct but he has denied the charge and will have a personal hearing next week.
United's hopes of extending their 85-year unbeaten run could rest on the shoulders of Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, who is two goals short of 150 for the club.
'It is a target I would love to achieve and to score two goals against Liverpool would be fantastic,' Van Nistelrooy told the club's website as he bids to become only the seventh United player to reach that target.
'With the Liverpool game and then the Carling (League) Cup final against Wigan (on Sunday Feb. 26), we have two massive games coming up. Against Liverpool we will need to play well for the entire 90 minutes. Our performance cannot drop.'


We won't 'do a Neville', insists Anfield star

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Fernando Morientes insists Liverpool players would never taunt Manchester United supporters after a goal in the way Gary Neville did last month.

Neville could face a punishment from the Football Association for his over-zealous celebration towards the Liverpool fans after Rio Ferdinand's injury-time winner in the league fixture between the sides at Old Trafford last month.
But Spain international Morientes said Liverpool players would not engage in similar antics should they find themselves in similar circumstances at Anfield on Saturday.
'I firmly believe no-one on the Liverpool team would have celebrated like Neville did,' he told The Sun.
'If I score on Saturday, or any of the other Liverpool players score, we won't run to the United fans. For certain we will celebrate with our own supporters.
'Neville's goal celebration caused a lot of controversy last time. But the match was very tense and there was a great deal of nerves at that moment.'
• Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez was today pondering whether to recall Jose Reina in goal for the FA Cup fifth-round home tie with Manchester United or keep faith with Jerzy Dudek, who has managed two clean sheets in the three matches the Spaniard has missed through suspension.
Benitez will also want to assess Peter Crouch's fitness after the £7million striker missed the last two games with a heel injury.
Robbie Fowler is cup-tied having played and scored in the tournament for Manchester City this term, which leaves Benitez with further decisions to make up front. Luis Garcia and Djibril Cisse are challenging for places in the starting line-up.
There are fitness doubts over defender Daniel Agger, who limped out of Thursday's reserve derby win over Everton, Stephen Warnock (groin) and Jan Kromkamp (ankle).

Go Liverpool...Go Liverpool shows the RED rules....LFC