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Steve Hunter 29 October 2007
Liverpool have been dealt a blow with the news that Fernando Torres has been ruled out of action for three weeks with an adductor injury.
A Liverpool spokesman said: "A scan this morning has shown a tear to a different adductor muscle to his original injury and we expect Fernando to be out for about three weeks.

"As for Xabi Alonso, an x-ray showed a fracture to the fourth metatarsal in his left foot. Xabi will be seen by a consultant tomorrow after which we will have a much better idea of the timescales involved.
"With regards to Javier Mascherano, he had an x-ray which has showed no bone injury, but he will receive intensive treatment on extensive bruising in his foot."


1st raya for 2007

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By black59

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By black59

salam msian
even thn ni buat kali kedua nye aku beraye kt tanah arab ni.kitaorg dptla pg beraya ke umah org (even 2 umah je hehehehe)tp bgi aku rase best gak la.yg penting dpt la aku lepaskn kempunan mkn soto yg semmgnya favourite aku.
ni pic beraya kt umah bos aku yg juga x blik raya coz kena g dubai raya kedua.dptla aku cilok bunga api kepunyaan anak dier (yg dh masuk angin) utk buat posting.

p/s: selamat hari raya semua n jgn main mercun buatan sendiri k...kaboooommm...


EPL week 9

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Liverpool staged a dramatic comeback with two Dirk Kuyt penalties to claim a famous 2-1 victory in the Merseyside derby.

Sami Hyypia is desolate as Everton players celebrate his own-goal.

Liverpool had been humiliated 3-0 in the same fixture last season but claimed revenge as Everton pair Tony Hibbert and Phil Neville were sent off, before the home side were denied a late penalty.

Both Everton dismissals were for incidents that produced Liverpool's second-half penalties. Hibbert brought down Steven Gerrard in the box and Neville handled on the line.

Kuyt was coolness personified as he drilled home the spotkicks to produce a victory that will do much for Liverpool's sagging confidence.

• Benitez dismisses late penalty shout

Everton had deservedly led at the break with a Sami Hyypia own goal, but after being reduced to 10 men for much of the second period - the second red card coming in the final seconds - they could not hang on for a draw.

There was no Tim Cahill, no Fernando Torres and no Xabi Alonso despite all the speculation that these injured stars would play.

Everton boss David Moyes went for Neville and Phil Jagielka in central midfield and left James McFadden on the bench.

Liverpool opted for Kuyt and Andriy Voronin in attack, while Gerrard started on the right.

Liverpool had the early edge. Gerrard almost got on the end of a crossfield ball, dropping over Hibbert's head on the Everton right.

Liverpool exploited that same space on five minutes, when Yossi Benayoun broke down the flank and set up Voronin for a snap shot that Tim Howard half stopped before snatching the ball away from Kuyt.

But when Everton got their set-plays working, they caused problems. A couple of free-kicks and a corner were not cleared well and from one cross back in from Leon Osman, Alan Stubbs saw a header drop wide of a post.

Corners and free-kicks, swirling into the near post, were a constant source of danger as Victor Anichebe saw one header flash wide.

The Reds did hit back a minute later when John Arne Riise's 25-yard free-kick was deflected just wide, but Everton's aerial threat produced a goal after 38 minutes.

A Mikel Arteta corner was half-cleared to Stubbs, who hooked it back into the danger area, where Jagielka attempted to get in a shot and the ball cannoned off Hyypia's boot high into the net for an own goal.

After the break Joleon Lescott, fresh from his England debut, was a threat on the left along with Arteta.

Osman, Neville and Jagielka in midfield pressed quick and hard, and Liverpool were again on the back foot - until a Benayoun ball out of defence gave them a lifeline.

Gerrard set off down the left channel, stretching into Everton's half with Hibbert in pursuit. The full-back was always a yard behind and when the pair reached the box, the defender clipped Gerrard from behind and referee Mark Clattenburg instantly awarded a penalty on 53 minutes.

The official showed Hibbert the red card before Kuyt stepped up to drill home the spotkick.

Everton could have had a penalty themselves when Steve Finnan manhandled Lescott in the box soon afterwards, ahead of a Kuyt break that set up Riise for a shot over the bar.

Howard blocked a Voronin shot and Kuyt headed the rebound over the top as Liverpool searched for the second.

But Everton were still coming forward. Kuyt was booked for a flying lunge at Neville and Yakubu saw a 30-yarder shot go wide.

Liverpool then replaced Benayoun with Ryan Babel on 68 minutes, before Benitez took a very brave decision three minutes later to introduce young Brazilian midfielder Lucas Leiva for Gerrard.

The Liverpool skipper looked surprised, but trotted off to allow Lucas into central midfield and Voronin to the left. However, it was Lucas' fine ball that sent Voronin away on the left, only to scuff his shot wide.

After 77 minutes McFadden came on for Yakubu and Jermaine Pennant replaced Mohamed Sissoko, before Jamie Carragher and McFadden were booked following a tussle on the ground.

Neville was then sent off on 89 minutes for handling a Lucas shot on the line, providing Kuyt with his second penalty.

Everton finished the game complaining to Clattenburg that they should have had a last-ditch penalty for Carragher pulling down Lescott.

He refused their claim and the official was booed off after being surrounded by home players.

• Benitez dismisses late penalty shout

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez shrugged off Everton's late penalty claim after watching his side come from behind to win the Merseyside derby 2-1 at Goodison Park.

Everton finished with nine men and Liverpool's Dirk Kuyt struck two penalties to give his side victory.

The home side deservedly led at the break following a Sami Hyypia own goal.

But after the interval Tony Hibbert brought down Steven Gerrard in the box and was dismissed, and in the final seconds Phil Neville was also shown a red card for handling Lucas' shot on the line. Kuyt blasted home both spot-kicks but Everton were denied a late penalty when Jamie Carragher appeared to manhandle Joleon Lescott.

Benitez, however, dismissed the controversial incident.

'In England you don't like to see players diving so it was a surprise to me,' he said.

Asked if his side deserved to win, the Spaniard added: 'I think so. They were playing long balls and we were trying to pass.

'We were trying to go forward, creating chances with the ball on the ground. They were using long balls and trying to keep the ball high. It was difficult.'

Benitez replaced Gerrard with Lucas with 20 minutes left and said: 'In this game, sometimes you need to play with the brain and we were playing with heart. We needed to keep the ball and pass the ball.'


Al-Kiswah Kaabah.

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BENANG emas diasingkan sebelum kerja menenun.

Raja Mesir beli 10 kampung untuk dapat hasil tenunan bagi dihantar ke Makkah

SELAIN hitam, pernahkah anda melihat kelambu Kaabah atau Al-Kiswah berwarna merah, hijau, kuning dan putih? Sebenarnya, sebelum kelambu Kaabah dilitupi kain sutera berwarna hitam, ia juga melalui zaman evolusi serta berubah warna mengikut perkembangan Islam dan kehendak pemerintah ketika itu.

Sejarah kelambu Kaabah boleh diikuti di Muzium Dua Masjid Suci yang menyimpan pelbagai kisah dan perkembangan Masjidil Haram di Makkah dan Masjid Nabawi di Madinah.

Jika selama ini penulis kurang mengambil berat mengenai sejarah kelambu Kaabah, namun kunjungan ke Muzium Dua Masjid Suci ketika menziarahi tanah suci Makkah, Ogos lalu, membolehkan penulis menghayati sejarah kelambu Kaabah serta peristiwa lain berkaitan perkembangan Islam.

Muzium yang dibina berhampiran kilang menenun Al-Kiswah itu turut memaparkan kegigihan umat Islam dalam memulihara kesucian Masjidil Haram serta usaha keluarga diraja dan Kerajaan Arab Saudi menjaga keutuhan masjid berkenaan.

Selain itu, pelbagai peralatan yang berkaitan Kaabah disimpan di sini, antaranya pintu Kaabah, tangga, peralatan menenun Al-Kiswah, penutup Hajar Aswad, al-Quran tanpa baris yang mula-mula ditulis oleh sahabat nabi, replika pancur emas dan penutup telaga zam zam.
MESIN menenun Al-Kiswah.

Ada perselisihan pendapat di kalangan sejarawan mengenai siapa yang mula-mula memasang Al-Kiswah. Ada mengatakan Nabi Ismail yang menggunakan kain diperbuat daripada kulit haiwan.

Satu pendapat lain pula mengatakan orang pertama memasang kelambu Kaabah ialah Raja Yaman, Tubba Abu Karb As'ad, kira-kira 220 tahun sebelum Hijrah yang menggunakan kain buatan Yaman ditenun benang perak.

Tradisi itu diteruskan oleh raja dan pembesar Arab yang menyediakan kelambu Kaabah daripada pelbagai warna antaranya putih, kuning, hijau dan hitam menggunakan kain sutera kasar.

Bagaimanapun, ketika itu mereka tidak membuka kelambu Kaabah yang lama sebaliknya terus meletakkan yang baru di atas dan membiarkan kelambu lama hancur sendiri.
SEORANG pekerja sedang menenun Al-Kiswah, kelambu Kaabah.

Sebelum kedatangan Islam, iaitu ketika Kaabah di bawah penguasaan kaum Quraisy, mereka menggunakan kain sutera sebagai Al-Kiswah.

Selepas penaklukan kota Makkah oleh orang Islam pada tahun ke-8 Hijrah, Rasulullah SAW memasang Al-Kiswah menggunakan kain tenunan Yaman, diikuti Khalifah Abu Bakar dan Umar Ibn Khattab. Bagaimanapun, Saidina Uthman menggunakan kain Qibti ketika pemerintahannya.

Kain sutera digunakan semula untuk Al-Kiswah pada pemerintahan Khalifah Abdul Malik Marwan.

Pada 1342 Masihi, Raja Mesir, Sultan al-Malik as-Saleh Ismail yang prihatin dengan penyediaan Al-Kiswah membeli tiga kampung, Basus, Sandabis dan Abil Ghit di daerah Qalyub untuk dijadikan wakaf bagi mendapatkan hasil tenunan membuat Al-Kiswah.

Kemudian Sultan Salim Al Usmani membeli pula tujuh kampung bagi tujuan sama.

Sewaktu Mesir diperintah oleh Mohammad Ali Basya, diwujudkan pula jawatan khusus bagi urusan pembuatan Al-Kiswah. Kelambu Kaabah yang dihasilkan di Mesir itu akan dikirim ke Makkah melalui Sinai menjelang musim haji setiap tahun.

Bagaimanapun, apabila berlaku peperangan, pemerintah Mesir tidak menghantar kelambu Kaabah pada saat tibanya musim haji seperti lazimnya pada 1924 dan 1925.

Tindakan itu mengejutkan Raja Abdul Aziz kerana Arab Saudi sudah bersedia untuk menyambut tetamu Allah menunaikan haji. Bagaimanapun, mujur ada satu kelambu Kaabah buatan Iraq yang sudah siap, masih belum dipakai dan disimpan dalam gudang. Raja Abdul Aziz segera memerintahkan kelambu itu dikeluarkan dan diletakkan pada Kaabah.

Peristiwa itu menghairankan pihak Mesir kerana Raja Abdul Aziz dapat menyiapkan kelambu Kaabah yang cukup lengkap dalam tempoh 10 hari saja. Berikutan peristiwa itu juga, Raja Abdul Aziz mengambil keputusan mendirikan sebuah kilang khusus untuk membuat Al-Kiswah.

Pada 1926, Kerajaan Mesir mengeluarkan larangan penghantaran Al-Kiswah ke Makkah membuatkan Raja Abdul Aziz segera mengumpulkan pakar kaligrafi, tukang tenun, tukang jahit dan pakar pencelup yang bertungkus lumus menyiapkan kelambu Kaabah dalam tempoh beberapa hari saja.

Raja Abdul Aziz amat berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja tangan Al-Kiswah buatan anak tempatan yang siap pada 1927 itu kerana selain diperbuat daripada kain tebal bermutu tinggi, ia diperindahkan lagi dengan tulisan kaligrafi daripada benang perak bersadur emas manakala tabir pintu Kaabah diperbuat daripada sutera asli bersulamkan benang perak bersadur emas.

Pada musim haji tahun itu dan tahun seterusnya Kaabah dipasang dengan Al-Kiswah buatan Arab Saudi.

Bagaimana pula dengan Al-Kiswah yang terpakai?

Sebelum kedatangan Islam, kelambu Kaabah ditinggalkan berlapis-lapis dan bertompok-tompok hingga buruk dan hancur sendiri sehingga timbul kebimbangan akan membebankan dan lama kelamaan berkemungkinan meruntuhkan Kaabah.

Akhirnya kelambu itu ditanggalkan dan disimpan di rumah penjaga Kaabah iaitu orang Bani Syaibah.

Sementara ada pula riwayat menyatakan pada permulaan zaman Islam, pemegang anak kunci Kaabah ketika itu, Syaibah bin Othman al-Hujubi bertanya kepada Saidatina Aisyah mengenai Al-Kiswah yang bertimbun-timbun di atas Kaabah sama ada hendak ditanggalkan dan ditanam di satu tempat supaya tidak digunakan oleh orang yang berjunub dan haid.

Aisyah menjawab: "Tidak baik dilakukan demikian, bahkan hendaklah dijualkan dan harganya itu dibelanjakan kepada jalan kebajikan dan disedekahkan kepada fakir miskin."

Ketika pemerintahan Raja Abdul Aziz as-Saud, kelambu itu diserahkan semuanya kepada Bani Syaibah dan dijual menurut budi bicaranya sendiri.

Bagaimanapun, pada awal 1960, Kerajaan Arab Saudi mengeluarkan perintah menegah jualan kelambu Kaabah bagi menjaga kesucian Islam.

FAKTA: Kelambu Kaabah

# Ditenun daripada 670 kilogram sutera putih asli dan dicelup dengan warna hitam. Luas keseluruhannya adalah 2,650 meter persegi.

# Mengandungi 47 kepingan empat segi bujur berukuran 14 meter kali 95 sentimeter.

# Sulamannya pula menggunakan 120 kilogram benang perak bersadur emas.

# Kelambu Kaabah pertama buatan anak tempatan dipasang pada 10 Zulhijjah dan padanya tertulis perkataan, “Kelambu ini yang pertama kali dibuat di Arab Saudi atas perintah Raja Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman as-Saud”.

# Raja Fahd bin Abdul Aziz as-Saud yang ketika itu Timbalan Perdana Menteri Kedua merangkap Menteri Dalam Negeri Arab Saudi meletakkan batu asas pembinaan kilang baru Al-Kiswah pada 1972.

# Perasmian kilang kelambu Kaabah oleh Raja Fahd yang ketika itu Putera Mahkota merangkap Timbalan Perdana Menteri Pertama Arab Saudi pada 26 Mac 1977.


Hidangan aku di Pagi Raya

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salam msia lah kali pertama time raya aku bz giler kt dapur.selalunye bgn di pagi raya je buka2 mata tnya mak aku "mak dh siap masak ke?".but dis time smu tu aku buat ngan mmbr2 aku...tung...tang...2x smpai la kul 5 pagi baru siap tp keputusan nye mmberasangkan gak la hihihihihi...

p/s:nape kuah kacang aku gelap erkkkk?hehehehe


Sembahyang Raya kt msia embassy

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Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Ni pic kt embassy.nmpk aku x?hehehehehe

p/s:utk zaki,zul,radhi,asyraf,aznor n apong...selamat ari raya maaf zahir n batin


Qatar Raya awal

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salam msia

terkezut gak aku tgh lepak2 kt bilik ngan mmber2 yg x balik raya ttba je dpt kol dr mmber aku yg sok ari jumaat 121007 dh raya awal sehari dri msia.ermmm...baru nk plan sok nk buat nasi impit so mlm ni brtungkus lumus la kitaorg buat mknan sikit2 tu sok.ape2 pn aku ucapkan



x pening ker?

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semalam lepas anto mmbr aku g Doha Airport.kitaorg g la singgah carefour city centre...tgh jln2 tu ttba dgr org nyanyi (mula2 x paham la bahasa ape) smpai2 rupaye kaset je yg nyanyi tp ade sorg mamat ni tgh slow2 buat bulatan tp makin lama makin laju...makin laju...makin laju...mcm gasing.rupanya ade org turkey buat xhibition....nidh abis muzik tu rileks je mamat tu jln...siap kena teh lg....erk?x penin ker????


buka pose umah bos aku

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Image Hosted by

salam msia
myb pic ni dh lmbt nk share ngan ni la pic kitaorang brbuka pose umah bos aku.jgn x percaya ni semua tgn org laki2 je yg masak tp mmg puas hatiiii...brsandar kekenyangan aku.
mcm2 ade msia food,ala2 western...siap desert lagi.apa2 pn klass la.(yg pkai apron tu bos aku)

selamat hari raya bos hehehehehe


Vacation episod 2

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Ari ni tanggal 0ct 6 2007, tinggal la aku brdua ngan roomate yg x blik raya.tdi kul 0630pm waktu qatar anta Si Tapa tp smpai kt keta je, malas nk anta g airport doha tu...ramai sgt org aku duk je la kt bilik smbil basuh kain.tinggal lg sorg je nk blik Msia tu pn next monday...then tinggal la kami 7 org yg x blik.
myb raya tahun ni kitaorg plan nk g msian embassy pada pagi raya, sembahyang raya pastu balik umah kol family masing2 den petang g umah mmber aku yg ade buat masak2 ckit den mlm xtvt biase la main PS2....huhuhuhu xle jdi ni tahun depan AKU MESTI BALIK RAYA.



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ermmm this week adela week yg ramai mmbr2 aku blik cuti kt malaysia. masuk ari ni dh 6 org dh tnggalkn qatar ni tuk mnymbut raya kt kg masing2...sok lg 2 org n last sekali 1 tggl la 7 org melayu yg x blik (x include warga india yg mana tggu time nk smbut deepavali).tp bg aku xde la truk sgt coz dh 2nd year kt cni n 2nd x smbut raya wit family n mmbr2.lagu2 raya tu semua aku dh immune...xde effect la TAPI tnggula raya pertama bila call parent aku nk minta maaf...huhuhuhu aku SURRENDER beb


Iklan yg buat aku sebak

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p/s:jgnla lupa kepada parents kerana jasa yg mereka beri tidak terbalas ngan RM,USD,Riyal...etc



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Rafa Benitez admitted the 1-0 defeat to Marseille could have been Liverpool's worst home performance since he took over.
The result leaves the Reds third in Group A of the Champions League with one point, though four games remain.

Benitez said: "That could be the worst performance since I came here, especially at home. We didn't create much from the beginning.

"It was a poor game, we were not playing well from the beginning. We were giving the ball away and not creating chances.

"Only at the end we produced some pressure and created a little bit.

"We knew Marseille were playing better in the Champions League. They're a good team and we knew the quality was there.

"The only comfort I can take from this game is that it's finished."

Despite his disappointment, Benitez knows qualification is still well within his side's grasp.

He added: "We know in football if you want to progress you need to win. We need to win the next game.

"At this moment in time the best thing is to think about the next game. We've got Spurs here at the weekend and we'll try and get three points and then see what happens in our next game against Besiktas."