Tiens Chitosan Capsule

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Chitosan Capsule

Even though modern living has enabled us to enjoy a better life but it has also bring about the deterioration on our immunity system and the emergence of all kind of diseases. All these are due to he lack of chitin in our daily meal.What is Chitosan?Chitosan is a type of fiber food found in crustacean such as prawn and crab. lts main cQnstituent is Chitin and possesses many beneficial fimctions to the body such as reducing the cholestemllevel. prevent the hardening of artery. strengthen the function of kidney prevent heart disease, eliminate heavy metalfound within the body. Tianshi Chitosan Capsule contains 85% of acid deacetly and its highly pure as stable quality make it. the best organic health food for modern times. It has received wide 5 prccui popularity and is sold in Russia, South Africa, America.The function of ChitosanChitosan is suitable for all ages and children especially the middle age and the elderly. It is capable of revitalizing cells function, relieve fatigue and slowdown ageing.The widespread usage of Chitosan made it an extraordinary nutritional product.
It has five major bodily fimctions such as : enhance the body immunity. slowdown ageing prevent diseases, speed up recuperating process and regulate our body's physiological function.Chitosan's amino acid content allows it to regulate the physiological function for our body, Chitosan's therapeutic effects and disease preventing capability are shown below:· Reduce blood lipid:Chitosan can inhibit the digestion and assimilation of lipid, absond and eliminate cholesterol, promote the conversion of cholesterol, prevent and improve cardiovascular disease.· Reduce blood pressure:Clinical research has proven that Chitosan can reduce the quantity of cholesterol and triglyceride.
The cardiovascular pmtective element consists of high densilY of lipoprotein and is capable of combining with chlorine ion, the main cause of high blood preSsure and eliminate it. Thus prevent all the diseases arise from high blood pressure.· Strengthen the liver:Chitin polyssacharride is able to absorb the toxin with the body.· Reduce blood glucose level:Chitin polysaccharide is capable of increasing the PH value of body, increases the secretion an Usage Of Insulin. reduces blood glucose level of diabetics, prevents and improves diabetes condition.· The therapeutic effects of Chitosan capsule Prevent the hardening of artery, heart disease: Chitosan can reduce the production of he harmful cholesterol, prevent it from accumulating within the blood vessel and hinder blood flow within the liver. Besides, Chitosan can also increase the production of good liver. Steml and prevent the accumulation of cholesterol within the liver.· Preventing high blood pressure arising from excessive salt intake Chitosan is a rich source for fiber and it is derived from the crust of crab. It has the ability to absorb fat or sugar. Besides, Chitosan also Possesses positive ions and can combine with the Excess Chlorine found within the salt and eliminate them from the body.Thus help to keep the blood pressure under normal level.· Absorb heavy metal and help in excretion Chitosan, with its positive ions is capable of absorbing heavy metal and eliminate them from the body, It can reduce the accumulation of heavy metal within the body and help to maintain a balanced electrolyte within the body for good health.· Improve digestive function Chitosan is able to enhance the antibacterial abililY of the friendly bacteria, increase the population offriendly friendly within the liver improve digestive function and enhance assimilation of nutrient by the body, restore the function of liver
Main Ingredients: ChitosanHealth Care Effect: Chitosan is a natural product derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in exoskeleton of shellfish, chemically similar to cellulose.
• Lowers fat by obstructing its absorption in the body
• Causes synergy of various organ systems, adjusts PH level• Lowers cholesterol and regulates blood pressure
• Clean the entire digestive tract by increasing the peristaltic activity
• Supports liver especially in people who drink a lot of alcohol
• Eliminates heavy metals from the body
• Helps to maintain a balanced electrolyte for good health
• Application of chitosan on the burn marks can remove the scars as it promotes new skin formationUsers Suitable: People with general asthenia or hypoimmunityUsers Unsuitable: ChildrenSugested Use: 2 capsules, twice daily, taken orally with warm boiled water.Net Weight: 0.18g x 100 capsules

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