YoU & Me

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wHaT dAy iS iT
anD in wHat moNTh
this cLoCk neVer seEmEd so alIveE
I caNt kEp UP
aND I cA't baCK DoWn
I've bEEn loSing so mUch tiMe

caUse it'S yOu aNd mE
aNd aLL oF thE peOplE
wIth noThiNg to do notHinG to lOse
aNd iT's yOU aNd Me
aNd aLL of tHe pEOple
aNd I dOn't knOW WHy
I cAn't kEEp my eyEs oFF oF yOU

aLL of the tHinGs thAt I waNt to sAy
juSt arEn't coMIng oUt rigHT
I'm triPPing inwArdsS
yoU goT mY heAD spiNNing
I dOn't knOw whEre to gO frOm herE

caUse it's yOu and mE
And all of thE pEOple
with nOthing To do
nOthIng to prOvE
aNd It's yOu aNd mE
anD aLL oF thE pEoplE
AnD I dOn't kNOw wHy
I caN't kEEp mY eyEs oFF oF yOU

thERe's sOmeTHIng abOUt You nOw
I cAN't qUIte fiGUre oUt
EveRythIng sHe dOEs is bEauTiful
eVerYtHinG She Does iS riGht

yOu aNd mE
And All of thE pEople
wIth nothIng tO do
notHIng to losE
aNd iT's yOu aNd Me
aNd aLL of tHe peoplE
And I dOn't kNOw wHy
I cAn't kEEp my eyEs oFF of yOU

yOu And mE And all Of the peEOPle

wiTh noTHing tO do
nothINg to prOvE
aNd it'S yOU And Me
And aLL Of tHe peoplE
And I dOn't kNow Why
I cAn't kEEp my eyEs off of yOu

wHat dAy iS it

aNd in whAt mOnth
thIs clOck nEver sEEmed so alIve

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