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It hurts t0 l0ve s0me0ne and n0t be l0ved in return,But what is m0re painful is t0 ever have the c0urage t0 let that pers0n kn-w h0w y0u feel.D0n't g0 f0r l0oks, they can deceive. D0n't g0 f0r wealth, even that fades away.

G0 f0r s0me0ne wh0 makes y0u smile because it takes 0nly a smile t0 make a dark day seem bright. It takes 0nly a minute t0 get a crush 0n s0me0ne,an h0ur t0 like s0me0ne, and a day t0 l0ve s0me0ne but it takes a lifetime t0 f0rget s0me0ne.

A sad thing in life is when y0u meet s0me0ne wh0 means a l0t t0 y0u,0nly t0 find 0ut in the end that it was never meant t0 be and y0u just have t0 let g0. The best kind 0f friend is the kind y0u can sit 0n a p0rch swing with,never say a w0rd and the walk away feeling like it was the best c0nversati0n you've ever had.

It's true that we d0n't kn0w what we've g0t untill we l0se it, but it's als0 true that we d0n't kn0w what we've been missing untill it arrives.Dream what y0u want t0 dream; g0 where y0u want t0 g0 be what y0u want t0 be; because y0u have0nly 0ne life and 0ne chance t0 d0. Always put y0urself in the 0ther's sh0es. If y0u feel that it hurts y0u, it pr0bably hurts the pers0n t0o.

A careless w0rd may kindle strife; a cruel w0rd many wreck a life; a timely w0rd may level stress;a l0ving w0rd may heal and less. The happiest 0f pe0ple d0n't necessarily have the best 0f everything they just make the m0st 0f everything that c0mes al0ng their way.L0ve begins with a smile, gr0ws with a kiss, ends with a tear. when y0u were b0rn, y0u were crying and every 0ne ar0und y0u was smiling.Live y0ur life s0 that when y0u die, y0u're the 0ne smiling and every0nen ar0und y0u is crying....

once again wit a thousand thankz to Honeyz...

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anfield - 1:02 PM

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